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The world is changing, and the world of marketing is changing right along with it. Today, it is possible for companies to reach potential in ways never thought possible only a decade ago. Through Digital Direct Advertising, Public Messaging Solutions and Multimedia Entertainment Services, IceNet is able to connect companies to customers. With their Community Connects Program, which offers Free Public Wi-Fi, these advertising solutions have become a part of the Remote Broadband Internet Access offered.

Community Access

Those who use IceNet Wireless know that the company is a trusted brand that provides free Wi-Fi access, with links to community information and valuable coupons from local companies. Our free wireless not only gives consumers that chance to log onto the Internet and keep in touch with those around them, but it also gives companies the ability to “keep in touch” with the consumers.

Digital Advertising

It is our goal to build on that trust and provide our customers with the best possible deals and solutions, while matching them with the companies who can provide them with things they need. Local and national businesses are able to leverage powerful multi-platform advertising solutions that will reach customers directly on their portable devices, be they smartphones or tablets, as well as on strategically-placed digital display boards in partnering communities.

Wireless Networks

Through our ability to reach users who log into our wireless networks, you have the means to target consumers directly, detailing not just products but also deals and promotions. The same is true for community organizations that want to let residents know about upcoming events in the area. With our digital display boards, consumers are going to see your product, event, promotion, or deal as they move through facilities that use our service.

Brand Marketing

IceNet was founded on the principle of providing consumers with wireless Internet options, and our dynamic advertising solutions are a direct extension of that. We see that there is now the ability to provide consumers with what they want, while at the same time helping companies market what they want. These two needs come together in wonderful fashion thanks to our free wireless Internet at various facilities, our digital display boards and our direct marketing to consumer’s digital handheld devices.

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Who We Are

Through nationwide networks, IceNet Wireless provides point to point infrastructure of Internet Services for both residents and businesses.

We launched our Community Connects Program that offers Free Public WiFi access as well as Digital Display Advertising, Public Messaging Solutions, Multimedia Entertainment services as part of Remote Broadband Internet Access.

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